Florence County, South Carolina


South Lynches Fire Department strives to provide realistic and quality training for our members.  The Training Division, along with the Personnel Coordinator is responsible for providing all training to department personnel. This group is the driving force behind all training programs within the department.  The Training Division meets on a regular basis to schedule department drills and classes.  This division consists of a Deputy Chief, Battallion Chief and three Captains.

Each station has two 3-hour drills per month on various topics.  All station drills are on the same subject, which allows all members to receive the same training department wide.  In addition to station drills, we have 4 quarterly officer drills per year that include officer related training.  During the year we also have several department wide drills that include a water supply shuttle, and a drill at one of our biggest sites, Nan Ya Plastics.

In addition to drills and in-house training, we conduct several South Carolina Fire Academy classes each year.  We conduct Fundamentals of Basic Firefighting, Firefighter I and II, Haz-Mat Awareness & Operations, Auto Extrication, Flammable Liquids/Gases, and many other SCFA classes as needed.  We also conduct two in-house pump operations classes that are tailored to our specific needs in rural water supply.  We believe that training is an integral part of our organization.

South Lynches Fire Department Regional Training Center

South Lynches Fire Department Regional Training Facility is located on Industrial Blvd. on a 10 acre site just outside of Lake City.  We have completed our training tower/burn building and classroom.  Our site has a road system with named streets, five pressurized fire hydrants, a one acre pond with dry-hydrant along with the training tower/burn building.  The training tower/burn building consist of three parts: a one story burn room annex, a two-story residential section with 12 X 12 burn room on the second floor, and a four-story industrial section.  The building also has a standpipe system with a two-head sprinkler run on the second floor, ventilation chop outs on the roof of the residential section and four rappelling achors on the roof of the tower.  Our building has been certified by the South Carolina Fire Academy for live-burns associated with SCFA courses.  We also have a concrete EVDT pad, a SCBA Maze, a vertical ventilation prop, several forcible entry props, a car fire prop, and have Flammable Liquid and Gas props that have also been approved by the South Carolina Fire Academy for conducting the 1136 - Flammable Liquids & Gases class.