Florence County, South Carolina

South Lynches Training Materials

The South Lynches Fire Department has recently acquired a large variety of training materials.  We would like to offer to our members the opportunity to use these materials to further their training.  We have numerous books, dvds, and other training materials available for your use.  In the near future, we will have computer-based training courses available to our members.  Please take a look at the training materials and courses below.  SLFD members are welcome to use these materials provided that they check out and return the items.

IFSTA Manuals      

Essentials of Firefighting - 5th Edition

Fire Service Orientation & Terminology

Emergency Management Handbook

Pumping Apparatus/Driver Operator

Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator

Fire Company Officer

Chief Fire Officer

Awareness Level - Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials for First Responders   

Wildland Firefighting for Structural Firefighters

Ground Ladders

Fire Department Safety

Building Consttruction Related to Fire Service

Technical Rescue for Structural Collapse

Marine Firefighting fo Land-Based Firefighters

Marine Firefighting

Inspection and Code Enforcement

Principles of Vehicle Extrication

Fire and Emergency Services Instructor

Principles of Foam Firefighting

Introduction to Fire Origin and Cause

Fire Service Loss Control

Respiratory Protection for Fire and Emergency Services

Urban Search & Rescue in Collapsed Structures

Fire Service Search and Rescue

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems


Fireground Support Operations

Fire Investigator

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Fire and Life Safety Education

Fire Hose Practices

Industrial Emergency Services Industrial Training

Plans Examiner for Fire and Emergency Services

Industrial Exterior Fire Brigade

Other Books & Materials   

Brunancini's Fire Command

Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply

Safety and Health Guidelines for Investigators

Fire Department Apparatus Maintenance

Fire Prevention Applications

Rapid Intervention Teams

Responding to Utility Emergencies

Emergency Response Guide to Railroad Incidents

Strategy and Tactical Conbsideratons for the Fireground

Hazardous Materials - Managing the Incident    

Fire Protection Handbook

Fire Stream Management Handbook

Fire Service Communications

The Fire Department Water Supply Handbook

Fire Department Strategic Planning

Firefighting Strategy and Tactics

The Fire Chief's Handbook

Larry Davis I,II,III

High Angle Rescue Techniques

International Building Code - 2012

International Fire Code - 2012

NFPA Standards (Current)

Instructor Lead Course Materials       

Highway Safety for Emergency Services Personnel

Safety and Risk management

Firefighter Safety

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Emergency Vehicle Response Safety

Dynamics of emergency Vehicle Response

Interact Program

Fire Service Rescue

Incident Safety Officer

Rapid Intervention Teams

Public Information Officer   


Firefighter I - Firefighter Safety Part I

Firefighter I - Firefighter Safety Part II

Firefighter I - Fire Behavior

Firefighter I - SCBA Introduction

Firefighter I - SCBA Use and Maintenance

Firefighter I - Personal Protective Clothing

Firefighter I - Portable Extinguishers

Firefighter I - Ropes & Knots

Firefighter I - Fire Control I

Firefighter I - Ladders I

Firefighter I - Ladders II

Firefighter I - Ventilation Basics and Horizontal Procedures

Firefighter I - Vertical Ventilation

Firefighter I - Fire Hose Basics

Firefighter I - Handling Hose

Firefighter I - Advancing Hoselines

Firefighter I - Fire Streams

Firefighter I - Forcible Entry

Firefighter I - Fire Detection, Alarms, Communications

Firefighter I - Lighting and Power Sources

Firefighter I - Overhaul

Firefighter I - Sprinkler Systems

Firefignter II - Building Construction

Firefighter II - Rescue Operations

Firefighter II - Advanced Ventilation

Firefighter II - Water Supply

Firefighter II - Fire Control II

Firefighter II - Foam Fire Streams

Firefighter II - Fire Hose Appliances

Firefighter II - Fire Origin and Cause

Firefighter II - Pre-Incident & Fire Safety Surveys

Firefighter II - Fire Prevention & Public Education

Hazmat Awareness - Identification

Hazmat Awareness - Recognition

Hazmat Response - Containers and Scene Safety

Hazmat Response - Sources and Terminology  

Hazmat Response - Defensive Options and Objectives

Hazmat Response - Material Protection and Decon

HAzmat Response - Scene Control and Safety Measures

Hazmat Response - Defensive Actions

Hazmat Response - Terrorism and WMD Awareness

Pumping Apparatus - Safe Operation of Emergency Vehicles 

Pumping Apparatus - Positioning Apparatus

Pumping Apparatus - Operating Fire Pumps

Pumping Apparatus - Inspection and Maintenance

Pumping Apparatus - Water Shuttle and Relay Operations

Aerial Apparatus - Driving Techniques

Aerial Apparatus - Positioning

Aerial Apparatus - Stabilizing

Aerial Apparatus - Operating Telescoping and Articulating Equip.

Aerial Apparatus - Maintenance

Extrication - Incident Overview

Extrication - Stabilization

Extrication - Hazard Control and Safety

Extrication - Initial Procedures

Extrication - Door and Sidewall Removal

Extrication - Roof and Trunk Procedures

Extrication - Interior Operations

Fire Service Rescue - Apparatus and Equipment

Fire Service Rescue - Rope Rescue

Fire Service Rescue - Confined Space

Fire Service Rescue - Structural Collapse

Fire Service Rescue - Trench Rescue

Fire Service Rescue - Vehicle/Machinery Rescue

Fire Service Rescue - Water/Ice Rescue

Fire Service Rescue - Wilderness Search and Rescue

Fire Service Rescue - Fireground Search and Rescue

Fire Officer I - Leading Your Team

Fire Officer I - Maximizing Team Performance

Fire Officer I - Communications

Fire Officer I - Managing Conflict

Fire Officer I - Incident Leadership

Fire Officer I - Team Health and Safety

Fire Officer I - Community Relations

Rapid Intervention - Interior Operations

Rapid Intervention - Exterior Operations

Pride & Ownership Rick Lasky

Firefighter Life Safety Rescource Kit Volumes I,II,III

Locomotive Emergency Response Operations

Skills and Drills DVD Series

First Responders Role in Fire Investigation

SC Firefighter's Association Recruitment & Retention

Operation Safe EMS

Interact - Intersection Accident Termination Program

Viper - Violence Intervention

Computer Based Training Courses and Powerpoints

Firefighter I

Firefighter II

Hazmat Awareness

Hazmat Response

Pumping Apparatus

Aerial Apparatus

Fire Officer I

Rapid Intervention